Scholarship Program & Student Loan Reimbursement Program

Luther Haven offers a scholarship program for employees choosing to study job-related subjects leading
to career advancement. Tuition, books, fees, supplies are some of the items that would be reimbursed
to the employee.

There is also a program available that allows Luther Haven to reimburse minimum monthly student loan payments. In order to be eligible for student loan reimbursement, the expenses must have been incurred while completing a LPN or RN program. The employee must be newly hired, which is defined as an individual hired within the last 12 calendar months. Newly hired also covers individuals previously employed in the facility that accept a new nursing position after completing their nursing education. Student loan reimbursement is taxable, thus, if you are eligible, you would see a scholarship deduction on your pay stub.

For more information on this program, contact the Luther Haven Business Office at